Where to…?

Lili is a friend of mine, who (I think) I’ve got a lovely story with.

 Lili is Italian, she moved to Lima about a year and a half ago with her daughter Tanit, as her Tanit’s father is peruvian and she wanted her to grow close to him. At the time, I was in a relationship with Tanit’s father best friend. Today, neither Lili or myself are still involved with them, but we’ve remained very close friends. I like knowing that our friendship goes way past the fact that we were these guys girlfriends.  I also love seeing her now, in love, happy and enthusiastic about her future.

Anyway… I told Lili short ago that I really wanted to travel somewhere, but that I just couldn’t save any money as I kept spending it whenever I saw something I liked.

That’s why she made this for me. I can now put my money in it, and there’s no risk in me spending it, as I can’t get around breaking it. I’m going to keep saving in this little pig until there’s no more room for a single coin. I’ll break it then, and I’ll travel as far as I can.



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Winter is finally coming, something for which I have mixed feelings. I love summer, spending days lying in the sand, swimming in the cold water. Nothing makes me happier that walks through the park during the summer, when the afternoon light makes it’s way through the leaves.  Everything just feel simpler then.

 Winter, however, is good for staying indoors. I can catch up with my reading, knit and cook. Even my musical taste changes in winter. Winter is uncertain for me, which I love and fear at the same time.

What I adore without a question about winter is… warming up. And something I adore year through, is headwear. In that sense, winter is perfect. Hats, slouchs, earwarmers, the posibilities are endless.  This is what I’ve done so far.  


So simple, and so lovely. A quirky earwarmers that I came up with while watching some tv.

I haven’t been able to use this one yet (winter is just arriving, and days are still pretty warm) but I’m guessing I’ll wear it out by the end of september. I made it after the adorable big blue berett pattern by tragicheroine in Craftster.



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